With a better future in mind and a recognition of conscious choices, at Nokaya, we envision our contribution to global sustainability through our commitment to quality, durability, and ethical production. We share the slow-fashion philosophy and encourage a shift towards mindful consumption to help shape a culture of sustainability in fashion. By reducing waste and promoting investment in pieces that will last, slow fashion is making a statement that goes beyond just style.


Ensuring that workers worldwide are treated fairly and with respect is non-negotiable for Nokaya and our team. We firmly believe in upholding the core labour standards outlined by the International Labour Organisation, including freedom of association, the elimination of forced and child labour, and non-discrimination in employment. Compliance with these principles promotes social justice, economic growth, and sustainable development.

Design process at Nokaya

At Nokaya, we also prioritize supporting local Ukrainian communities by providing job opportunities and contributing to the economy through tax transparency. We carefully select partnering ateliers that share our vision, so that everyone in our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect. By upholding these principles, we not only ensure fair and just treatment for workers but also promote a global economy that respects human rights.

Nokaya Team


At Nokaya, we understand the power of creating ongoing collections that are both classy and stylish. As a slow-fashion brand, we aim to reduce the seasonal release of collections and switch to an ongoing basis to minimize our impact on the environment. Our philosophy centers around owning fewer, timeless fashion pieces of great quality and exceptional style.

We are proud to have collaborations with talented ateliers in manufacturing pieces that reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability. At Nokaya, we believe in partnering with suppliers who share our values and approach to ethical and sustainable production. We are excited to continue sharing our vision and unique designs with the world.


At Nokaya, we pride ourselves on not only creating timeless and elegant designs but also doing so with sustainability in mind. That's why we choose to work non-toxic dyes, fabrics and materials certified by Oekotex: Standard 100, Step, Detox to Zero,  Reach Certificate of Compliance, GOTS .

These manufacturers are dedicated to sustainable production practices that minimize their environmental impact while maintaining the highest quality standards. By selecting certified materials, we can ensure that our products are not only beautiful but also ethically produced. At Nokaya, we believe that fashion can and should be both stylish and sustainable, and our commitment to certified materials is just one way we put that belief into action.


We apply two types of packaging for our lingerie: one for individual delicate item protection, and another for postal purposes. Both bags are biodegradable.

Using biodegradable plastic packaging is essential for Nokaya, as we aim to contribute to reducing environmental pollution. Traditional plastic packaging takes centuries to decompose, causing harm to the planet and wildlife. Biodegradable plastics, on the other hand, break down quickly and don't release harmful toxins, making them a more sustainable option.

By opting for biodegradable packaging, we can make a significant contribution to protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, and creating a better future for generations to come.