NOKAYA FLYING FLOWERS silk bomber over dress

IN & OUT Aethetics

Living in a super-crazy rhythm of modern city life – how challenging that could get? How do we maintain an oh-so-much desired balance between business and leisure?

Hybrid working is the new normal for many of us, so finding a perfect look for the day that suits a zoom meeting from home, business lunch out, and a casual evening with drinks & talks is more important than ever.

An idea of being stylish and chic invites modern women to throw on a flowy set of silk pyjamas or a flattering slip-dress, and it indulges in the comfort of wearing what feels best against your skin. That is nothing less than a feminine celebration of staying yourself still being cosy while adding some character and sensuality.

The ritual of wearing a look designed from the world's best Mulberry Silk is divine; it feels somehow calming, like a kind reminder to self that now is the perfect moment to enjoy the moment of life, to wind down a bit – it's like putting on pyjama we turn a relaxed mood on.

Classy monochromatic pyjamas and slip-dresses have become synonymous with elegancy, finding fans amongst both - those valuing minimalism and ones in love with sophisticated elevated looks. Pair them with heels for a chic night-out look or style with flats for a busy business day.

Designer bespoke prints of bombers, pants, shirts and dresses please the eye of creative souls, allowing them to express individuality and desire to step up in expressing self, to take a unique look and feel into everyday luxury.

With the warm season approaching, there's no need to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to a range of silk outfits. There's something so alluring and glamorous about slipping into silk, though not just to sleep.

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