Why Are Silk Pyjamas So Popular? Top Reasons for Love at First Try

Why Are Silk Pyjamas So Popular? Top Reasons for Love at First Try

For those interested in durable fabrics that won’t change the appearance of their loungewear, silk is a magnificent choice. Compared to cotton, which may fade in the long run and shrink easily, silk is exceptional due to its ability to help you regulate your body temperature and exceptional smoothness.

Are these all the reasons to buy real silk pyjamas for women at an affordable cost? At Nokaya, you will benefit from this decision way more. Stay tuned!

Stress-Free Rest

As a material, silk stands out for ladies who want to avoid skin-irritating fabrics and achieve a gentle and pleasant feeling on the skin instead. It won’t retain moisture within its fibers and will disperse it — a nice contribution to leveling your sleep quality.


On top of their unparalleled breathability, durability, and soothing comfort, luxury silk pyjamas for women are everything you need for styling experiments. It isn’t a standard loungewear to stay at home cozy — it is a ready-made outfit for casual and official outings. You can wear it as it is or match it with jeans, trousers, jackets, high heels, and sneakers.

Bespoke Prints

When we say you won’t find anything as spectacular from an aesthetical perspective as at the Nokaya store, we really mean it. Just take a closer look at these prints — they are a stunning combination of AI creativity and designer modeling from the brand’s seasoned team.

From large-scale and flash oil-painted flowers to experiments with geometric patterns, you will be able to dive deeper into mesmerizing palettes of trending colors and prints. Subscribe to see new arrivals of the Nokaya silk loungewear collection first!
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