Why Do We Sleep Better in Silk Pyjamas?

Why Do We Sleep Better in Silk Pyjamas?

         Sleep quality depends on several factors, but it is crucial to create an ideal sleeping environment that promotes the body’s comfort and relaxation. On top of considerations like duvet thickness and pillow hardness, the right choice of sleepwear is no less essential.

         Polyester and cotton materials are the most common solutions — they dominate the market. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you are out of alternative options. That’s where Nokaya comes in. With its selection of silk pyjamas with many desirable qualities, you will gain multiple benefits for your sleep. Just check it out!

Naturally Hypoallergenic

         First and foremost, this material stands out with its naturally hypoallergenic performance. You will certainly feel the difference, especially if you are one of the sensitive sleepers. Silk sleepwear will come in handy to dust mites, repel mold, and provide better comfort thanks to its increased textile breathability.

Moisture-Wicking Material

         With better ventilation that silk pyjamas offer, top-notch sleep is guaranteed. Silk absorbs excess moisture and disperses it rather than retain it in the fabric, so people owe a lot to its permeability and moisture-wicking properties. You won’t wake up with unpleasant sensations caused by excess moisture absorption, which will surely be a good way to start your day with a smile.

Good for Stabilizing Body Temperature

         Feeling too cold or too hot when wearing silk sleepwear will be a hard task since this material is famous for its contribution to body temperature regulation. It is capable of keeping air trapped between its fibers and threats, resulting in a nice warm layer without retaining excessive heat or allowing the body to cool down fast. Silk literally adapts to your body temperature, which guarantees high-end sleep quality.

Aesthetic Quality from Nokaya

         Of course, preferring silk pyjamas doesn’t mean you should say “no” to bespoken prints and unique designs. Check Nokaya’s catalog to see how you can switch from simple outfits to cozy luxury.
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